2022.01.27 22:42 MissCindyTrannFan 🥵🔥🍑

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2022.01.27 22:42 Bitlifeissocool2021 Which do you prefer?

View Poll
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2022.01.27 22:42 Remarkable_Diver_128 Who is the owner of the 505 Food Hall?

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2022.01.27 22:42 Baseball_6626 In your opinion what shoe brand is superior to all others?

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2022.01.27 22:42 pierrrecherrry le Québec en pense quoi?

le Québec en pense quoi? submitted by pierrrecherrry to Quebec [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 22:42 grass-whore hello friends can you help spread the word? ٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶~♡

I'm so happy to have all of you wonderful souls here, all six of you (>▽<) but what if we can make it to 12 members though? ~( ˘▾˘~) if all six of us send this link to just one friend who may need us, we can make it eh? :D reddit.com/WhyWeAreStillHere I ask that you don't share this link to other subreddits just yet though, surprisingly this place is offputting to a lot of people on this site, we want to keep it as safe, supportive, and wholesome as possible as we can ♡
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2022.01.27 22:42 stateofgracethirteen Sob Rock Survivor Round 4

Winning by ONE vote, Carry Me Away is gone. Gosh I love this song, but it is the shortest song of the list, so I guess I get why it's gone. ("Put some tequila in my coffee cup" though?! Amazing)
21.54% of fans voted for it! But surprisingly enough, it was not the second place song last round...seems like some shifting around is going on! I suggest voting if you are considering it, because votes are narrowing down quickly at this point.
Round 4 Link to vote your least fave of the remaining: https://strawpoll.com/pzvsfkdpa
Poll will close tomorrow at 8:00PM est.
Songs Eliminated by Round

Round Song Eliminated % of votes
1 Why You No Love Me 29.53
2 All I Want Is to Be With You 38.9
3 Carry Me Away 21.54

Second Place by Round
Round Second Place Song % of votes
1 All I Want Is to Be With You 22.15
2 (not eliminated) 17.78
3 (not eliminated) 20

Side note but I have been listening to this album all week because of this song survivor...I get to see him next month and it's making me infinitely more excited! I can't wait to see all the tour posts and setlists... ahhhh tour season is amazing
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2022.01.27 22:42 Spencyn That was awesome

I’m so hyped for this new adventure. It really looks like it’ll be something engaging. I think the new zone has a lot of potential, it already looks beautiful. The new stuff they’re adding like the card game is gonna be sick. I’m hoping for a similar effect Gwent has in TW3. I’m also looking forward to the new companions. Ever since Blackwood I’d wanted more than the two we got. They’re both great characters but I think variety is important so it’s good that we’re getting more of that.
I wish they would release a new class though. And do something about pvp. But other than that, I’d say it was a good reveal.
Those are my genuine thoughts anyway. Figured I’d lay it out like this instead of blasting away complaints like all the apes in the livestream chats do… ever single year.
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2022.01.27 22:42 Mont_a_n_a My wife gives sound advice.

99% sound, 1% advice
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2022.01.27 22:42 Revolutionary-Act949 I need a name for a team composed of a greedy, thieving cat and an evil overlord with amnesia

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2022.01.27 22:42 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Environment] - Federal Court Revokes Oil and Gas Leases, Citing Climate Change | NY Times

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2022.01.27 22:42 dannylenwinn Top Vietnamese, Chinese leaders exchange Lunar New Year greetings. 'They wished Vietnamese and Chinese parties, states, and peoples a peaceful, happy, and successful New Year of the Tiger.'

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2022.01.27 22:42 RamboBoujee Why is CJ doing favors for OG Loc in the first place?

I'm playing the definitive edition on Xbox and I'm starting to do all the missions. I just started doing missions for OG Loc like stealing the van, chasing the cholo on the bike, breaking into mad dogs crib... All of this for OG Loc. Why? Why does CJ start doing these favors for him? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here but who would kill so many people for this wannabe rapper, OG Loc. What does CJ get out of it?
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2022.01.27 22:42 Laughonce06 Travis Scott plays on 2b2t????

Travis Scott plays on 2b2t???? AstroWorld On 2 builders 2 tools.
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2022.01.27 22:42 Creepy_Ratio_9308 so i was fired as a patient from my doctor

so yeah got a letter in the mail that i was fired as a patient by my doctor. no explanation was given for the termination but i assume what it was. so in my life ive been fired by two therapists and now a fucking doctor. and yet people tell me "life will get better". when medical professionals give up on you, how is there any hope? why should i not kill myself?
for those that wanna know what happened. one time i sent my doctor a message ranting about my ex and being alone. i made no derogatory remarks or any threats. a simple whiny rant was enough to get me fired as a patient apparently.
i have no hope anymore =(.
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2022.01.27 22:42 bjbyrne It’s only wrong when it’s not the GOP

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2022.01.27 22:42 gamin_gabe rate my demo build?

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2022.01.27 22:42 ObviousAd22 sleep issues

For the past 2.5 months my almost 2.5 year old has been waking up multiple times in the night. At first it was asking us to fix her blanket, then just crying, then it turned to screaming, and now she is banging on her door. Majority of the time we go in there, tuck her back in, and then leave without doing anything else. I don't know if its separation anxiety or what. During the day she has become a little more clingy and whiney.
I searched some posts and some people said to ignore it, especially the door banging. Are they too old at this age to let them cry it out? Or will I damage her emotionally somehow?
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2022.01.27 22:42 thatoneguywhodidit People who's s/o cheated before and stayed together howd you make it work?

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2022.01.27 22:42 WrektBatman Natural selection pool

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2022.01.27 22:42 TheRestartButton Grinding noise in front passenger side wheel when braking at low speed

Hello, I recently started hearing a pretty loud grinding noise coming from only one of my wheels(front right) when I apply the brakes at a slow speed. When I'm getting off the interstate or at speeds around that high there is no grinding noise however. I'm wondering if it could be something other than brake pads since it's only on one wheel. When I'm driving though I don't think anything sounds unusual. Could someone please help point me in the right direction?
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2022.01.27 22:42 ALN-Isolator Anyone know where this loser is? the search area is the entire continent -_-

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2022.01.27 22:42 GenghisKhansSperm One of the hottest girls period

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2022.01.27 22:42 MainTank Should I start selling my own material?

I'm not tech savvy. I still don't even really know what an NFT is. Is it worth doing my homework and trying to figure all this out?
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2022.01.27 22:42 bradfetterdesign HES SolaPix 19 on Eos Magic Sheets

Does anyone have any recommendations for how to display these fixtures best on an Eos magic sheet? They are in Base+Flex+Pixel mode. I want to try to be able to control each of the 19 pixels and the led strips between the pixels from the magic sheet.
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