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Sir, there is a dungeon in your basement.

Here at Dungeon Delights, we make and sell steel bondage equipment, bondage gear, and BDSM gear. The best site for all your shackles, bondage furniture, and kinky gear! We custom make each order by hand for you when you order it. Thanks. - Rick Owner Dungeon Delights LLC Once you're happy with the result, just hit Print and Dungeon Alchemist compiles a version that will fit neatly in your selected paper size, to make printing at home or remotely a snap. Alternatively, you can save the map as an image and import it in your preferred virtual tabletop environment. Gather heroes, brave the darkness and face the lurking abominations in this cooperative 1-4 player rogue-like RPG dungeon crawler! Become a creator Become a Gamefound Creator and start setting up your project. The 5 Room Dungeon formula is essentially a five-act narrative structure, complete with rising action, trials, rewards, a climax, and falling action baked right into the rooms of the dungeon! Imbuing your dungeon with its own story, told through monsters, puzzles, and other environmental effects, could be a full article of its own in the future ... Dungeon Encounters is a unique dungeon exploration RPG in which you lead an expedition to chart the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth. Plan and prepare to overcome numerous obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat monsters. Strategize to survive! 20 Characters Flaws To Try On Your Next Character. 1. Fearful - If you're playing another heroic figure that is all about dungeon door smashing and saving the princess, it's great, but real heroes must overcome something.Fears are one of the most potent instruments to make the story interesting. The only thing that we must fear is not putting fears into our characters.

2022.01.27 23:03 Flooded_Skies Sir, there is a dungeon in your basement.

Sir, there is a dungeon in your basement.
Sometimes villagers have these bright ideas and they just... don't seem... good.
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2022.01.27 23:03 mets_letsgo farm in New Hampshire - Robert Sarazin Blake [folk] (2011)

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2022.01.27 23:03 GloomyMusician24 looking for projects

is there a website where you can search for projects with filters like (components, exe), search bar and a nice ui?
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2022.01.27 23:03 Bumbleby62 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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2022.01.27 23:03 CrimsonShadow97 New NFTs collections looking to spread the word, check out the SleepyHead and Omega collections.

New NFTs collections looking to spread the word, check out the SleepyHead and Omega collections. Looking for a new project that's just getting started?
Looking for some low risk NFTs with great potential?
Looking for a place to advertise your NFTs or find new projects?
Looking for a friendly community?
Join the SleepyHeadCollection Discord where you can find all of the above!
SleepyHead by DioWasFound
Omega by Minted Crimson
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2022.01.27 23:03 ObieTriceKenobi Cool Little Free Library On Our Walk Today.

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2022.01.27 23:03 Syser_ What to buy for nostalgia?

Sup guys, I always loved to play, watch and collect yugioh cards as a kid and I had a really vast collection of cards back then but a friend of mine just sold all of them when he needed money… enough of that, I wanted to get my hands on some cards again and I wanted to get some help from you guys. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s booster packs, Tin box , displates or whatever but I want it to contain oldschool cards, like the one in the main series owned by yugi Kaiba or even Joey, would also really like the popular 5ds Dragons or the Earthbound monsters! Don’t know if there’s anything that fit my demands but I appreciate any help, pls don’t be too harsh with me :D (I know the legendary decks collection 1 and 2 but still wanted to have some more recommendations maybe) Thanks in advance !!
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2022.01.27 23:03 Artistic_Fee_1285 How much has autism testing changed in the last 20 years?

I got tested in 6th grade, but my therapist said the questions they ask etc have changed.
Is this true? Have you gotten diagnosed from a second test?
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2022.01.27 23:03 Wild_General9215 Who do you guys think will become the main producer for Trainee A

Apart from Bang pd who is involved in all of hybe artists music each Big hit music artist who came after BTS has a main producer consisting of BTS og producers for example slowrabbit is the main producer for TXT and Wonderkid is for Enhypen while BTS works with all of them but the main ones are always Pdogg and bangpd, Since Trainee A music is hinting at a more hip hop sound compare to TXT and Enhypen I think their main producer might be supreme boi since he also an og BTS producer and the only one without a main artist from the collective
Why do you guys think ?? Who do you think it’ll be ???
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2022.01.27 23:03 the_raagamuffin How do I identify the right group of listeners when I have a track that doesn't fit in one genre?

Hello well-wishers, I come from a background where I wasn't exposed to the different genres out there. So my music (original, independent - not for any TV or film) is an experimental hybrid score that doesn't exactly respect genre boundaries. I need some help from those who have experience in deciding what *genre tag* I should use when I upload it on all the digital platforms. Most importantly, where do you think I'll find the most like-minded listeners? Do you guys use AI-based genre classifiers?
Rucci: https://soundcloud.com/raagamuffin/rucci?si=8cc9fe9a60954fccba07f5c6d1e1b06c&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
I'd humbly request that you put on your best listening device (this one goes all over the place, you'll need it :P) and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
Song Background: Rucci (read as Ruchi means taste in Tamil). Rucci is an original composition that describes the nonlinear evolution of my taste in music. In this track, I first pay homage to several composers who've influenced my taste in music in the quest for finding my own voice. Second, Rucci is a song about Resonance and Dissonance - two fundamental reasons as to why I make music in the first place. Just like sympathetic resonance, I believe that our taste in music is merely a reflection of our resonance with the composers and listeners around us. Similarly, the dissonance in my life and the way my mind processes it is what is reflected in the track. This was an experimental venture to break the boundaries of genre and focus primarily on the theme of the song. Hope this track resonates with you :)
Album: Wrong Side Out Composed, Performed, and Produced by Sai Prasanth Mixed and Mastered by Srikar MN All samples are from Spitfire Audio
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2022.01.27 23:03 Poorly-Drawn-Beagle [WP] Crime lords, femmes fatales, and private eyes hurriedly try to pass the ancient Crusader artifact between each other, eager to be rid of it. For sinister legends surround... the Maltese Hot Potato

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2022.01.27 23:03 nonchalantartist (Grade 10 Bio) Could somebody help explain to me how DNA, proteins, and genes are related?

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2022.01.27 23:03 corrienteboskarin This springloaded umbrella slot isn't mine but what a nice area for it

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2022.01.27 23:03 Gold_Floor_2879 Haavitek tincture!!

I brought a haavitek and want to green dragon tincture. Does anyone know how I would make it?? Help please
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2022.01.27 23:03 jobsinanywhere The road to Macron’s reelection passes through the outskirts of France.

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2022.01.27 23:03 ZergsRUs Question about food after baby tooth extraction?

So on Monday I got 2 baby teeth removed at the rope old age of 29 as they were receding into my gums. The days since I have been eating stuff such as macaroni and soup. I tried toast today with garlic butter today which went down a treat. My gums have been somewhat sensitive but eased off today.
Just curious when I can add things such as tomato based sauces to pasta dishes and stuff. Getting quite the craving for it. Was also curious about chocolate, if I melt my chocolate so its relatively soft can I eat it as long as I rinse my mouth out with salt water afterwards?
Another thing is when can you drink things such as coke zero or pepsi max again?
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2022.01.27 23:03 metacomcareers We are hiring Corporate Trainers! ✨ Start your year right by exploring possibilities and opportunities with us at Metacom. To get started, just send us a message or visit our website at: metacombpo.net Apply Now! #MetacomCareers #onemetacom #hiring #bpo #callcenter #newjob #jobhiringph #car

We are hiring Corporate Trainers! ✨ Start your year right by exploring possibilities and opportunities with us at Metacom. To get started, just send us a message or visit our website at: metacombpo.net Apply Now! #MetacomCareers #onemetacom #hiring #bpo #callcenter #newjob #jobhiringph #car
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2022.01.27 23:03 GameOnBrother GeForce Now Launches On LG TVs

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2022.01.27 23:03 Budakra Jinx from Arcane. Had many pen problems doing this one.

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2022.01.27 23:03 Goblin_Babe15 Huzzah! A game company of quality!

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2022.01.27 23:03 bokitobrown Family problems, going crazy

I don't know how to handle my elderly grandmother or father.
I would try to keep this vague but I'm honestly just too exhausted at this point.
I live in a crowded household.
We are all adults - my older sister and I are in our 20s, we both work. She has a full time job from home, I work part time to attend college full time.
My father is older, with a myriad of health problems. Most days he is in a lot of pain and needs a lot of care as well as transportation to various appointments. He used to work a well paying full time job, but had to go on disability. I'm not sure if it is his health problems or the medications he takes, but he often will make very irrational decisions. He is overall a very horrible patient but a good person. My mother is his primary care giver and is essentially his nurse/secretary/wife.
My mother works part time and when she is not working she is taking care of my dad. It is a very big responsibility and my sister and I help when we can.
On top of this we own dogs that are a hyperactive breed, which also require a lot of attention and care and energy.
It was organized chaos for the most part and we definitely had our fair share of problem, but things took a turn for the worst.
My paternal grandmother was recently kicked out of my uncles house where she had stayed for decades because of their own familial problems. My dad, without consulting any of us, invited her to live with us. This was months ago and it has been horrible. The thing is: nobody likes her. She has a very abrasive personality, she is extremely narcissistic, a liar, a thief, and is extremely rude. Throughout my childhood I would say that I got most of the abuse from her, but everyone in my family has a problem with her. She is very entitled. Already during her stay she has managed to steal from me, lie about me, harass me, and snoop through my room when I'm not there. And this is just what I have to deal with. But for the longest time, she was able to take care of herself. Her health was never great, but she was never someone who needed complete care. But now it is EXHAUSTING. She needs someone free at almost all times to drive her to appointments and pick up meds and buy her things. She and I share a bathroom and she is borderline incompetent. She constantly pees and poops on the floor, soils her clothes, and her bed. We have to wash her bedding up to twice a day. She forgets what she is allergic to, and has recently eaten a food she shouldn't have and has been having horrible, loud diarrhea and vomiting everything she eats for the past couple of days now. We took her to the doctor who told her she needed to go the hospital, and she somehow did not understand that and stayed sick for another day and a half. She didn't tell anyone what her doctor said, and my dad took her to the appointment, but he is so consistently out of it that he didn't think to ask. Because she is a narcissist, she refuses to acknowledge she has done anything wrong. Because she is a liar, she will say that we didn't want to take her to the hospital. She can no longer advocate for herself but refuses to admit it so we all have to pick up the slack.
My sister went from working 8 hour days to 10-11 hour days because of the amount of breaks she takes to help my dad, grandmother, or dogs. My mother is exhausted from constantly caring for 2 extremely dependent individuals. I am behind in my classes and call into work often to try to keep up with my grandmother, not to mention the deterioration of my mental state in sharing a jack and jill bathroom with a women who terrorized me all through my childhood and poops all over everything. Today was the worst taking her to the ER and the fact that it could have been avoided if she was of sound mind. But she just isn't and my dad refuses to acknowledge it. Because he is constantly ill, my sister and mother and I are the ones who are taking care of her, even though we either work or go to school or both. I have no idea what to do at this point. I want to bring up nursing homes but am too afraid to.
Money's tight. Really tight. My working sister is paying "rent" which is almost half the mortgage and she also pays for groceries. I pay for gas and my toiletries if I can. We're afraid to move out together and have my mom assumes total responsibility and not have as much aid financially.
What do I do?
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2022.01.27 23:03 MrLightingGuy New house, is this mold? It's only present on this 1 piece of osb subfloor but the white is on all the connecting TJI joists. Builder says it's normal and not mold???

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2022.01.27 23:03 ce_matin Are contests/giveaways allowed on this subreddit?

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2022.01.27 23:03 catharticbullets Yes to the Series S

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2022.01.27 23:03 BlackRose104IB I'm speechless 😶😶😶

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