e68i4 36hbk ns367 5a4ri ees2e 3r89i 7ed5r 7tidy ztaik 8bn2t 353fr 67756 e2ais rf93i ti6yz fs3zd fi87s n4kht fref4 2z8zk hezd3 Gatorade NIL deal with Jackson State QB |

Gatorade NIL deal with Jackson State QB

2022.01.27 23:34 TheVega318 Gatorade NIL deal with Jackson State QB

I am probably totally off base here but how do we not have GATORADE involved in exclusively University of Florida NIL deals. I feel like somehow we bave fumbled the bag here.
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2022.01.27 23:34 Athiest_Angel69 H: 2Shot/25ffr/25lvc Handmade, B/50c/15fr, B/50vh/25lvc and Q/50c/50%bs Fixers W: AA/50c/25lvc Fixer or handmade 4:1

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2022.01.27 23:34 ZoolShop Michael Madsen speaks out about son Hudson’s death: ‘I just can't grasp what happened’

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2022.01.27 23:34 swordfishtings reddit has completely ruined my image of myself as a woman

all i have to do is SAY i’m a girl on subs like this and i get tons of messages from ppl who are attracted to me whether it’s appropriate or not. but irl, i get absolutely NO BITCHES. reddit sets my expectations so high and then real life sets them on fire and leaves me feeling worse than before. UGH
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2022.01.27 23:34 Stinkyqqq Quick question for everyone!

I have type 3 with cross overs of type 4. I thankfully was diagnosed when i was 12 and have been able to get a good grip on what works with my body, but last week was my first time ever going to a dentist (i’m 20) and i got fillings. the dentists put a swab of numbing stuff and many needles/ anesthetics, i’m honestly not sure what they were. i was wondering if anyone else has the issue with the dentist i do, i got super panicky and threw up, and the numbing didn’t last long enough, and ever since then i have had random bouts of panic and puking every single day. online there are people who vaguely describe what i’m feeling but you know how it goes, i had to spell ehlers danlos to the dentist and it’s hard to know if this is just a me thing by just looking up on google and i have to go back for fillings on the first! so no medical advice although this might sound like it, i just wanted to hear other peoples dentist experiences and if they’re like mine. i feel like i’m going crazy! thank you if you read this whole thing!!
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2022.01.27 23:34 Double-Ad-572 Trader Joe | AVAX | 🎙 Catch up on the latest Joe TV Episode! We hosted the Yeti Finance team and chatted about the upcoming launch of their highly innovative, decentralized borrowing protocol🔺

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2022.01.27 23:34 Bezukhov1869 I finally found this in CEX after not being able to find one for a decent price anywhere. The vinyl is still sealed, I’m so happy

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2022.01.27 23:34 kn1ghtcliffe What if Gamefreak started a 3 year cycle with a different Pokémon series each year?

So hear me out here. It seems like we now have 3 separate Pokémon series, there's the Let's Go series, the regular series, and the newly released Legends series.
The way I see it is that they could gear Let's Go towards younger children, introducing them to the Pokémon world and holding their hands throughout the entire game and getting them into the Pokémon universe. So one of those can come out every 3 years.
Then there is the traditional series that we all know that can be kept as is, geared towards children with a tiny bit of consideration towards the older fanbase and release one for that series every 3 years, maybe with a "sequel/followup/V2" game (the emerald to ruby/sapphire) or some DLC the year after.
Lastly we have the Legends series which can be geared towards the older fanbase with a higher difficulty and little to no handholding. Release one of those every 3 years, probably with a DLC the year after as well.

This way they can put more time into these games to make them better quality, still have their oh so important yearly releases, and having different tiers of Pokémon games will make certain fans happier. Chances are that most people will purchase at least 2/3 of the games with a still decent amount of people purchasing all 3 tiers. Seeing as the Let's Go series are pretty much just watered down remakes that likely don't even need the full 3 years, they could have their developers helping out on the regular and Legends series for part of the development cycle in order to further improve them. This would also ease the strain on the creative teams to have to create a number of new Pokémon for the new game every single year which could lead to cooler and more creative designs. New Pokémon would only be released every 3 years, with new forms being released every 2nd and 3rd year. Plus, you can take the new fossil Pokémon and use them for a new/original form in Legends as they wouldn't have to be the traditional rock/whatever typing from the fossilization process. I could easily see Kabutops being a Dark/Water type instead of Rock/Water.
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2022.01.27 23:34 _sumit_rana Machine Learning Algorithms

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2022.01.27 23:34 Stan_Stanman Please help me decode these Toyota Sienna "Additional Equipment Item" Codes

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2022.01.27 23:34 twor76 Kiera Hogan

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2022.01.27 23:34 collegecolloquial What do you wish you knew when you entered college about grad school/what would you have done differently?

How to prepare for a masters program as a freshman?
I know this is really early (possibly really early?) but it’s something that’s been stressing me out as i pick my undergrad college and so i think it’d help my stress to get some info
Please bear with me!
I would like to go to graduate school for aerospace engineering most likely (planning on that but i definitely know that it very well could change) and i wanna know how i can prepare
Planning to major in Physics and English so far
I’m probably gonna end up picking my cheapest option for undergrad just because school gets so expensive
I’m not really sure what it is grad schools are looking for but how should i start preparing and what do you wish you would’ve known?
A part of me is worried that college is gonna be like high school and I’m just gonna always be worried about grades and the next step but i also want to have some fun
I really love school and learning and I’m pretty certain that I’ll go to grad school after college and i wanna make sure i utilize college to help me and i feel like preparing earlier and planning it out will be less stressful than the alternative
Any info is appreciated!
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2022.01.27 23:34 Deus_Sema [Q] In factorial/fractional factorial design of experiments, is it really required to code your variables in [-1,1] format or using them as they are?

For example, I have a factorial design experiment on two variables, amount of water A (5 L vs. 10 L) and temperature B (400 C vs. 500 C). Since the differences between them are very huge, some textbooks code them as [-1,1]. For example, A would have values of -1 for 5L and 1 for 10 L and for B you have -1 for 400 C and 1 for 500 C. Is this really necessary? Because my linear models would obviously be different for coded vs. non-coded, but IDK what is the right thing to do in the context of publishing papers and experimental design. Should I make them coded or not?
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2022.01.27 23:34 Birb-Witch Test

Am I shadowbanned ?
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2022.01.27 23:34 GinoTheMaggot666 Here’s my coom cave. A place where deathcore is at its finest at my house

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2022.01.27 23:34 RefrigeratorTheGreat The Path in the Forest

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2022.01.27 23:34 Natebert Easy shifter

What cars have easy shifter knobs or buttons for people with arthritis/poor grip strength? The squeeze trigger style that most have is a deal breaker.
Moving from a 2010 Toyota Yaris that just had a bit of a maze pattern to move down that was easy. Modern Toyotas (Rav4) seem to have a shifter with a trigger to squeeze. Same for Subaru. Tried a Ford Escape that had a knob that was ok and am looking for other suggestions for small vehicles. Thanks
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2022.01.27 23:34 jaevonn92 METH+ESCO x pic by me.

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2022.01.27 23:34 Thirdeyeraven22 Was jung considered a gnostic or mystic or a psychologist?

Why are there so many different interpretations?
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2022.01.27 23:34 TriTonyv7 Finishing the Adventure - Infiltrating the Mausoleum : Arriving at Rebornia

(Note : All the users represented here are definitely not reflected to Reality at all. Also, some pronoun errors are possibly left, feel free to notify me.)
(Credit to u/Keinss320 and u/TheJDog2000)
Bethany : Mhmm… Where… Where I am ?
*Woof !*
She lifted her head to see that a little dog was licking her face.
Bethany : AH !
Beth jumped out in fear when she saw the dog but… After 10 seconds, she calmed down herself.
Bethany : Oh… It’s just a little dog…
??? : Hey, Mexico ! Get here !
A voice was heard some meters away and the dog rushed where the voice is. And Beth saw the dog leaving just to be taken by someone else.
The person that Beth saw was not human. It was an anthropomorphic dog with a firefighter outfit and his fur was between black and white.
Bethany : *giggles*
??? : Why are you…
Bethany : S-Sorry… It reminded me of the numerous times I’ve transformed into a cat.
??? : Heh… I can see why. Welcome ! What’s your name, miss ?
Bethany : I’m Mary of Bethany. But call me Bethany or Beth please.
Jdog : That’s a cute name… I’m Jdog. Nice to meet you !
Beth looked around to see where she is…
Bethany : Do you know where I am ?
Jdog : It’s your first time here ? Well, we are in the Crystal Cave. When Anthony overthrown the leaders of the Council of Balance, everyone inside it fled the place to save their lives to be installed here.
Bethany : Wait… I’ve read a letter concerning that ! It was a certain Mega and Apex that lead the place before, no ?
Jdog : Yep ! I don’t know why he attacked them, they were quite nice…
Bethany : Well… I’ve encountered one of them earlier and it was okay. I also heard that a certain Kein was there… Do you know him ?
Jdog : Keinss ? Well… Um, that’s how I got this little dog. I don’t know why but… He talked a little strange recently… Like he was speaking in hands.
Bethany : It’s someone that got corrupted by Gaster ! Do you know where he is ?!
Jdog : Yeah. Follow me.
The game transformed into a 2D platformer game resembling Celeste. Bethany can dash with her book in all the directions to have a second jump.
Jdog will have a dialogue during the walk.
Jdog : So uh… Do you are with someone before getting here or not ?
Bethany : Yeah, I was with Lexi.
Jdog : And why ? Like… I can understand your reason but… You are trying to find someone ?
Bethany : Do you know a guy with a red cap, a scarf and a blue stripped sweater ?
Jdog : Oh ! Yeah, he’s there ! But uh… He along with his friends is guarded with an armed girl and a Pufferfish… Who is also armed.
Bethany : She’s nice or not ?
Jdog : Don’t worry. She’s pacifist. She only has these weapons to defend herself. There we go.
They finally arrived where the Outsider is. Jdog was right, the corruption was so visible that a dark aura is surrounding him.
Jdog : Well… I think you can see it. Do you have something to at least getting him to it’s original state ?
Bethany : Step aside. I have the trick.
Suddenly, a battle engaged between her and the Outsider. The goal here is to reach 100% TP to cast Purification, however, Keinss is quite aggressive. He has an Energy Sword to throw slashes, a gun to aim you and… An airstrike to throw bombs.
After casting Purification, The Outsider will return to normal. (Oh, and only Spells and Mercy works.)
When Bethany freed the boy from the Windings Curse, something quite unusual did get her attention, his skin. For an unknown reason, it was orange instead of clear.
Keinss : Argh… I was so tired of this weirdo…
Jdog : You were controlled by someone ?
Keinss : It was Gaster before but it was a bearded man now… I was SOOO tired of this Animatronic stuff that he was talking…
Bethany : Wait ? It wasn’t Gaster ?
Jdog : You know that he’s alive right now thanks to Tony, hm ?
Bethany : What ?! At this point ?!
Keinss : I don’t know why but Jdog tell to me that it was because of a glitch that occurred in the Undertale Universe. It was a girl called… Alina ?
Bethany : Ye.
Keinss : Well… I need to present myself. I’m Keinss, old captain of the Council of Balance and Outsider of the Crystal Cave.
Bethany : Nice to meet you ! I’m Bethany.
Keinss : Oh ! I heard that people in the Cave heard a lot about you.
Bethany : Oh… Um… T-That’s nice to hear…
Jdog : Don’t be shy, Beth. Anyway, do you know where Tony is ?
Keinss : Jdog… You know that if I enter the city, I’ll go to a lot of troubles.
Bethany : Why ? You don’t look evil to be honest.
Jdog : It’s about his behavior. Even most people did excuse him for this, there’s some people that are still angry with him.
Bethany : I did heard that you’ve argued with someone, no ?
Keinss : Yep. That’s how I got excluded. But since you are prepared for battles, I’ll stay behind.
Bethany : But I’m not a fighter ! Plus, I don’t even know where Lexi is…
Keinss : Huh ?! You were with Cake ?!
Bethany : Yeah. But after a problem, I got separated from her. And that’s how I got here…
Keinss : If you did landed here, I think Lexi and her creations landed elsewhere. Jdog can guide you in the city, he knows better this place than me.
Jdog : Woof !
Bethany : Okay. Follow me.
The trio traversed many places in the cave. Crystals, cavities and they even seen the Core of the Trinity. I can reassure, it’s extremely protected.
After a while, they arrived into Rebornia.
Jdog : There we are. I know it’s not the best place to live but it’s enough.
Bethany : It’s very illuminated. Sure that nobody will ever try to stop-
Suddenly, someone immediately opened the metallic door. He has a strong resemblance to Tony except his clothes was monochromatic and his cap has an M marked on it.
??? : HEY EVERYONE ! IT’S ME, ((The legendary man himself)) MEGA !
Keinss : Oh no… Not him…
Jdog : Okay… I can definitely confirm that it’s not normal. Mega doesn’t have a behavior that he has normally.
Bethany : You mean that he’s corrupted, like Keinss before ?
Jdog : Definitely.
Mega : WOW ! IF ISN’T A…
He erratically approached Bethany with a great smile.
Mega : MEMBER HEHEHEY ! IT SEEMS THAT YOUR FRIENDS ((Left you on the night)). THAT THE CITY IS ((Illuminating a beauty like you)) YOU KNOW THAT THE FUTURE LOOKS ((Terrible and apocalyptic)) HAHAHAHA-
He cut his own laugh to punch two times on the wall.
Keinss : Okay… He’s not like this normally.
Jdog : Can you do something about it, Bethany ?
The Placeholder left the place to fly elsewhere.
Keinss : He reminds me of Spamton…
Jdog : Yeah. Due to the corruption, he took the place of someone else.
Bethany : Well… I can warn Apex about this. Since they are friends, I hope that Apex have a solution.
Keinss : Hm… That could work. Anyway, I feared that he would attack me. Fortunately, it didn’t happened.
Bethany : Me too. Well… Let’s continue.
When they walked across the city, the Outsider and the Zealot talked to each other during the walk.
Bethany : So… I know it brings me my attention but your skin is not in the usual color. Is that normal ?
While caressing his dog, Keinss did expected a question like this since it caught Bethany’s attention earlier.
Keinss : Oh this ? Well… This happens when you are too close to radiations. And even though I’m still here to talk about it, it did leave a mark.
Bethany : Oh… I thought that it turns you green for some reason.
Keinss : Well you can see that it’s not the case. But… I know that you have a magnificent hair. Why you are in a bad state ?
Jdog : Keinss… It’s not cool to say that to a girl. You know that, right ?
Keinss : Yeah, I know… But it did cau-
Bethany : If I’m like this, it’s purely intentional. To say that, I was coming from the surface to infiltrate the Mausoleum of my Tainted Form. But… Some problems come across.
Keinss : Wait… You aren’t hurt by my question ?
Bethany : Keinss. My life has been so bad that even insulting me will do absolutely nothing. And to say this… The best things that happened to me only came since two to three weeks.
Keinss : Oof… You really have gone through a lot, right ?
Bethany : Yeah… *snif*
Bethany hold on herself to not cry about this reminiscence. It’s sad to think that even these events can’t overshadow all the bad things that she has gone through.
Jdog : Hey, don’t cry. It’s nice to talk about this.
Bethany : Ye. I’m really trying to not cry. And it’s hard…
Keinss : I can understand. It’s something I did came across 25 years ago. But it’s nice to see that you are still persisting !
Bethany : G-Guys… Stop with the compliments… :,)
She was smiling and pleading the others to stop.
Jdog : Okay, okay. We stop. We have to continue anyway.
Bethany : Thanks…
The trio continued to walk through Rebornia until they come across someone. It was a woman with a black and white outfit that fit really well with her body and she has a Moon symbol located on her belly. Her hair was very long and she also wears a pair of horns and a silver crown on her head.
??? : *sigh* Lumi did say that Tony and his friends are in this city. But… It’s hard to say where…
Jdog : I do know !
Surprised by the sudden voice, the woman did turned around to see Bethany, Keinss and the Dog, quite confused by her appearance.
Bethany : Did you mentioned Luminata ?
??? : Yep ! My sister sent me here to look for the Members. She tried to called them but she didn’t have an answer…
Bethany : WHAT ?! You… You are her sister ?!
Darknata : Indeed it is ! I’m Darknata, Goddess of the Darkness.
Bethany : I did know you when I searched the books but I didn’t know that you were her sister. I didn’t read all of them but it’s a surprise.
Jdog : You are her sister huh… I didn’t expect her sister being like this.
Keinss : Honestly, me too. Lumi is the perfect representation of a motherly figure but Darki ? Well… She’s quite seductive but I think I don’t want to mess with her at any point.
Darknata : You should. Because I don’t joke with this.
??? : It seems that even the goddesses did came here…
Darknata : Oh no. It’s Alyx.
She hide herself in a dark corner to not getting detected.
Darknata : Don’t tell to this witch that I’m here.
Bethany : Okay !
After a while, the Ice Queen did came across to only see Bethany and two members of Rebornia.
Alyx : Dammit… I thought it was Darknata.
Bethany : Well as you can see. It’s me, again. So… Why are you doing all of this ?!
Alyx : Hehe… Well, I honestly thought that you would turn aggressive by ripping your heart off. But I did really underestimated you.
Bethany was terribly shocked by the news. It was her all along that started all of this.
Bethany : You… Why did you made all of this ?! Grr…
Alyx : Well actually, I’m a bit disappointed that Darknata decided to come here. Because I reserved somethi-
??? : HA ! I finally found you, Alyx !
Alyx : Oh no ! It’s this Traitor again ! I have to hide somewhere.
She decided to hide in the same place as Darknata… But just above her. Which of course scared her like crazy.
Judas : Huh ? Bethany ?!
Bethany : Hey. You also landed here I presume…
Judas : Yeah… Fortunately, I didn’t crossed anyone. I thought I heard Alyx…
Bethany : Me too. Can I ask you a favor ?
Judas : Wait… A favor ? You are joking, right ?
Bethany : Nope. In fact, I’m sensing that one of our friends is hidden somewhere. Could you find this one for me, please ?
Judas : Pretty sure it’s Keeper. Okay, I’ll look for him.
Bethany : Thanks. ^v^
The Deceiver leaved the alley, freeing Alyx from it’s hiding place.
Alyx : Well… See ? I knew that you can be friends with him.
Bethany : It was more of a service than a friendship. You know ? I think you need to start to see us as rivals.
Alyx : Don’t forget that Rivals can be friends too. It’s hard to be clear on this term.
Bethany : Yeah… Sure…
Keinss : I know we talk quite a lot… But a battle won’t harm, right ?
Alyx has expected a response like this so… She decided to leave without any context.
Alyx : No. Not at all.
Keinss : Hey ! Come back !
Jdog : I think she won’t listen. I think she tries to stop you by words, Bethany.
Bethany : If this is the case, it’s completely pointless.
Darknata also leaved her hiding place as well, having a worrying expression.
Darknata : It’s actually true. I can sense that one of your bad memories is about something that happen very rarely. In fact, the same chance that you win the lottery !
Bethany : Yeah… I almost died this day. Anyway, why you didn’t attacked her ? I mean, you are a Goddess !
Darknata : That’s the problem. Alyx stole from us a stone that keeps the Abandoned Forms of us inside it.
Bethany : Huh ?! So that means…
Darknata : Yeah… I did have one along with my sister. And I can give an advice, if you see my sister having her hair turning to red, act immediately. I don’t want to have a world destroyed because of this…
Keinss : You know… Hearing this is terrifying !
Jdog : I can totally understand your opinion. Anyway, Darky. It doesn’t mind you if you can join us ? I asking this since we have the same objectives…
Darknata : Of course !
Darknata joined the team.
Keinss : It’s strange that we have a chime like this.
Bethany : It doesn’t matter, let’s continue.
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2022.01.27 23:34 J-Pom AWL #2.

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2022.01.27 23:34 JinchurikiBlade Problems with DDJ-SB3

I just got a Pioneer DDJ-SB3 in the mail yesterday and I set it up but it won't connect to serato at all. The controller is getting power but none of the buttons do anything. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and how did you fix it?
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2022.01.27 23:34 DeepAsHadal Enough flex

Do people on flex ever find there are not enough shifts?
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2022.01.27 23:34 fryingpansexual0405 Day 17 of checking in!

Did you drink enough? Have enough nutrients? sleep well, feeling happy?
I'm here for the good, the bad, the meh, the vents, tell me about it!
Have a wonderful dayyy!!!
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