I am 13 and just bought crypto, any advice?

2022.01.27 23:44 Smiles-Dokeshi I am 13 and just bought crypto, any advice?

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2022.01.27 23:44 Idealmakaroner Futuristic riot police

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2022.01.27 23:44 Pocchann Legends Arceus Episode 4 Recap/Review

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2022.01.27 23:44 JaydiMan february be like

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2022.01.27 23:44 OddRepresentative226 Made a dessert for boyfriend fam and his mother ate it and got fever what to do?

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2022.01.27 23:44 BeanOfficially Infinite Mana for 10UU (I'm 99% that's the right number)

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2022.01.27 23:44 sethisevilone02 Where can I go to advertise my Minecraft adventure map I've been working on for 7 years

Some context I been working on a Minecraft map called rayons evil fortress it's about a incel who finds the grand star from Mario Galaxy and uses it's power to become a god and build a fortress on a star in the center of the universe the teaser shows the fortress but 1st you must go on a journey to get there it's not shown but it's in my city world I need to know the best place on Reddit to post the link to it
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2022.01.27 23:44 gham1 I always thought this book was titled "Uncertainty," but looking through google results it's not showing up.

A young college grad decides to go backpacking in South America, where he meets a beautiful Scandanavian coed who chastises him for being a self-absorbed piece of shit. There's a scene where they're both sleeping in hammocks in the dark, and he hears what he thinks is her mastrubating, so he starts masturbating, but then it's revealed she was crying and is repulsed that he gets off to crying women, and it's all played for comic effect.
They encounter a tree which has sap that causes tremendous hairgrowth. The protag wants to bring it back to America and sell it to Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck or Pfizer, but the girl again calls him out for being a tree-appropriating piece of shit.
Despite this, she decides to come back to America and be his girlfriend, and he learns some important life lesson, presumably about uncertainty. I read this in 2011, and I think it was on the "new releases" shelf at the library. If anyone's read it, thank you in advance!
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2022.01.27 23:44 Chemistryok718 Dynavap cap clicking in less than 5 seconds with single torch? Anyway to fix this problem?

It’s clicking with both a single torch and the triple torch that came with it in 5 seconds or less. I heat close to the tip because I want flavor. Just bought it recently. I have to heat about 10 seconds pass the click sometimes longer and it still a small cloud. Anyway to fix this problem? I thought using a single torch would help but was wrong on that.
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2022.01.27 23:44 reddittmtr Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on Numi?

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2022.01.27 23:44 Blackbolt45 My void eyeing my chicks!

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2022.01.27 23:44 KeyConsequence6 7sage predictor accuracy?

I did the 7sage prediction measure to see the likelihood I will get into a school and it said 79%. Would you say that’s good odds or am I most likely going to get waitlisted or denied?
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2022.01.27 23:44 Lazybones121 New Update 1.87 Still Does Not Fix Treasure Pack Rewards

Respawn literally made no meaningful fixes but they changed 1 line of code in this update which is not even associated the treasure pack rewards bug, according to this tweet from Kralrindo:
Guess we won't be getting those rewards any time soon guys.
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2022.01.27 23:44 dough4417 Girls my age gross me out

Being 24, girls my age are very sexually experienced. They have had multiple long term relationships, many hookups, maybe lived with a guy before. Had sex in every way in every place.
Me on the other hand, I’ve had a decent amount of sex for my age. Most girls my age are well, ran thru. And it grosses me out. Dating them would feel like I’m being taken advantage of being of how much more they have done this.
This is why I date girls who are 16-20. I feel like we are closer in experience, and that makes for a better relationship. Is that wrong? Is it wrong I seek out high school girls or girls that graduated recently?
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2022.01.27 23:44 Meliodas_600 Pyt leaked 🍑

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2022.01.27 23:44 saddestcat69 Ngl 😔😿😢

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2022.01.27 23:44 nipplepinchy96 Nhl 22 not working? Everytime I start the game on my Xbox series x it dashboards as soon as I load into the main screen

Does anybody have any recommendations?
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2022.01.27 23:44 Bastet458 Frisco’s murdermitts….

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2022.01.27 23:44 Admirable-Award9275 Vistapharm what does a pint of 7.5mg/15ml go for in Cali?

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2022.01.27 23:44 SneakyOverture I'm a few months late to the party but cats fit so perfectly in violin cases

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2022.01.27 23:44 Dog-Infinite Not necessarily endorsing the coin, but I love the name and logo of UPDOG.

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2022.01.27 23:44 Emotional-Dentist751 Been fudding for a while now. Bexause the app wasn’t working, but i gotta say. The wallet is dope. The UI flow feels a bit old; but this wallet is better than most of the others out there. Well done.

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2022.01.27 23:44 WWE_AEW_fan9669 Brandon if Mandy rose ever did a Spanish fly

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2022.01.27 23:44 Equivalent-River-599 How do y'all find your style

Like part of me wants to be feminine but I also just want to dress more neutrally. I don't know if I'm just insecure of not being super feminine when that's what I'm expected to be as a female, and that's why I want to dress femininely, but idk. How do y'all do this?
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2022.01.27 23:44 Madoicz n time

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