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$ATNX Waiting for Short signal on ATNX with https://t.co/sxj8WvdAB9 https://t.co/vLo7PGBKBx

2022.01.28 00:01 ShortAlgo $ATNX Waiting for Short signal on ATNX with https://t.co/sxj8WvdAB9 https://t.co/vLo7PGBKBx

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2022.01.28 00:01 kickdrumpillow 2 dogs missing near Bristol Regional hospital

Pitbull mix and... Some kind of mix ran away around 6pm today. I've looked for hours.
They're both friendly.
If anyone sees anything please message me
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2022.01.28 00:01 Drokk88 Share your custom controller/keyboard keybinds that you've found particularly helpful?

Hello Cmdrs. I was wondering what custom keybinds you may have found useful? Particularly for controllers because of the limitations but keyboard shortcuts would be great to hear also.
The one I've come up with is to set throttle 0% to B+leftstick click. In super cruise it's straight forward but offers a small benefit out of SC. When approaching a station After requesting docking clearance I use this, It makes you boost but at the same time allows the auto dock to take over. Another is set throttle to 75% to B+LB. If you use this when you are 7 seconds out (in SC) from your destination it means you'll be moving about as fast as you can go without overshooting. Like supercruise assist.
I'd love to hear what else ya'll have come up with.
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2022.01.28 00:01 24aktiv Who should i change

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2022.01.28 00:01 MontrealMango Study Permit Extension timeline?

Title. I applied for a study permit extension and the IRCC is saying they can't provide accurate wait times because of the pandemic, so I was wondering how long it took you if you applied for one.
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2022.01.28 00:01 shoegazeweedbed If you'll forgive the shitty snapshot, I just took a 400 mg capsule of one of these and it's blowing my mind.

If you'll forgive the shitty snapshot, I just took a 400 mg capsule of one of these and it's blowing my mind. submitted by shoegazeweedbed to OKmarijuana [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:01 digitallyfree [See What I Can't See] - Chapter 29

First - Previous - [Next]()
No one stopped me as I stormed out of the concrete building and into the street. It was quieter than I expected, with most of the citizenry gone for work. The floods overhead were at full force to simulate the day.
Immediately I felt as if a weight had lifted off my shoulders. It took me a moment to realize that it wasn't just metaphorical, as those powerful mages were literally filling the room with inadvertent emissions that the office shields reflected back. Likely they'd reinforced them prior to our little experiment as well.
The Burns bunker was nice enough to have nulls in the walls to soak it up, here they didn't have the luxury. If I'd brought a Zone indicator in there, the needle would've certainly risen above ambient.
My heart slowed down soon enough. Honestly, I just needed a damn moment to get some air and compose myself.
It wasn't like I didn't believe them. The words I heard were probably true to some degree, unlike that binary tap bullshit. Sian seemed to actually want to help me this time, though she didn't say it out loud. Maybe that would've been too cliché.
Of course, this was my life and it wasn't on rails - or was it? I couldn't really deny the times when I'd lost control. The sight of that mage blown apart before me was a recurring flashback in my mind. Not the blood, but rather the fact that it just happened. Whether I liked it or not.
I suppose the lack of reaction to the violence was a side effect of all this, my mind hardened by the trauma I'd felt. Hell, I'd cried when I shot my first buck as a kid. Vomited when I cut down two bandits as a teen. Thomas and the other villagers quickly helped me pull through.
As they said, the pondering was a good sign. Perhaps there was a still a bit of soul in me after all.
Walking on the side of the smoothed stone roads, I got to see the nature of Prosperity for itself. A row of communal washing machines stood in front of a lot, each one a different make and model. I actually liked that more than the monotonous laundromats up top. They showed obvious signs of repair and had rust where bare steel showed.
A man with a cane fiddled with one of them, trying to unstick the door. I felt a bit of pity for him - even though I wasn't really supposed to care down here. Then again, I would've most definitely lent a hand at Arnela. Or Burns. Alana's words came back to me, hinting that I'd lost my compassion.
Maybe all I wanted was to prove her wrong, but I ended up leaning against a chainlink fence and studying the machine. I reached out from range, sensing the handle used to close and lock the door. The man heaved against it, but it held firm.
Ah, the T-shaped handle was not turned all the way, thus the lock was still engaged. Not wanting to tag so blatantly, I spun a tendril of magic around the knob to find the fulcrum. When the man stepped back to ponder further, I spun the threads into a ball and smushed it against the handle.
It was spinning, it had momentum. The magic bit into the bar initially like wet mud, but it finally caught with a shower of violet sparks. Before he could turn his head to look at me, the door had popped open and my magic had faded. All he saw was an elf standing there with her arms crossed.
My good deed done for the day. Plus I didn't use my hands, only my mind. Thomas would be proud.
The man looked at me quizzically, but he didn't suspect a thing. He was only in his thirties, and the wooden cane he carried was probably due to the limp in his gait. An injury perhaps? I continued on, watching from the edge of my vision as he struggled to load his laundry into a pushcart.
My mind whirled back to Sian and Alana, who were clearly running the show. Sian was a strange one - she'd called herself a hunter before, Barlow said she was a Magsci operator. You didn't go into that line of work without a certain past.
I wondered how much of the stuff regarding Crede and my parents was true. While it was hard to alter the kind of memory transfer she performed, she could've shown me specific bits and pieces to prove her narrative. Just like a film editor.
Alana creeped me out even more; her aura alone was enough to make me sweat buckets. She bickered with Sian but it was clear who was in control. There was definitely some mystery to her, something that went beyond her online persona that I knew nothing about. She was too cool for her own good, so to speak.
How rare was a mage like her, exactly? No one could jump in and out of the ether like that without breaking a sweat. Same for the time magic. It required skill, a enormous reserve, and probably the theoretical background to handle it all.
One thing was sure, and that was that those two wouldn't have bothered chasing me unless it was something big. My manifestation created an inexplicable burst of magic, strong enough to require a preplanned time stop to control. Was that the sole reason, along with the predestination bits in my mind?
If I was a danger to whoever pulled their strings, I'd be dead in a gutter already. Thus I had some use to them.
You know the answer already, then. I'm a pawn in someone else's game once again, the exact thing Sian warned me against. Kinda ironic if you think about it.
I ended up sitting at one of the round outdoor tables at the Backwater Bar, a large tavern with a false wooden exterior and barn doors. The actual interior was dug into the rock itself. Gil had let loose this morning the fact that you didn't have to be a customer to be welcome there.
Indeed, there were other loiterers like me. Two dwarves where smoking joints at another table, waiving away the waitress who approached. She didn't seem to mind.
A community hub then, sort of like the Wheelhouse with a bar on top.
Looking inside, I saw several televisions and a small stage with a drum kit. The music from the loudspeakers was mellow country that suited the vibe rather well. A book I'd read on the American blue-collar mining towns came to mind.
"Would you like a drink?" the dwarven waitress asked. I didn't see her approach, but I could sense her from behind. She had curly black hair and wore a classic white apron.
"No thanks," I replied quickly.
"Suit yourself, the Backwater is open to all." She paused for a moment. "You new here?"
It was at this moment when I finally noticed the eyes on me, eyes that had tracked my every move since I left the office. I'm sure they'd probably all felt the magic that happened in there too, even for the ones who weren't attuned at all.
They were watching alright. From the bar itself, conversations stopped to stare briefly. People standing on the flat roofs of their homes. Even the pedestrians that let their eyes linger longer than they should've. The waitress shrugged at my silent response and moved towards another table.
I took out my radio again, my heart already beating in anticipation as it connected to the Backwater repeater. The screen was blank, and I tapped the refresh button to request an update. A second later banter appeared.

Apr1l: has anyone heard shit from the mayors office bw_bar (MOD): Please, calm down. There was a lot of magic but it's under control now. mrsmith: this smells like a conspiracy mistymage: Well the elf that started it is here now mistymage: outside the bar 
Before I knew it, I'd cast a transducer over my head three feet in diameter. The air shimmered as the molecules solidified and my head immediately grew dizzy from the exertion. It was a simple spell but I'd barely recovered.
"Would Mistymage please identify themselves," I said crisply. My voice shook the air before me, which was amplified by the transducer and spread in a carotid pattern overhead The shape was intended to reduce audio feedback, but I managed a rather loud squelch at the end.
I'd felt everything happen this time, but the quick actions weren't exactly mine. Yes I'd considered giving Mistymage a nice shock. But that didn't mean I was going to act on it.
It was too late to ponder now, as the damage was already set into stone. All eyes were on me now, my mind drawing tendrils from my body towards their sightlines. Embarrassment flooded my veins, and I stood there with a rather strange expression on my face. The one with the twisted mouth where you can't tell if I'm about to laugh or cry.
The small crowd's attention now flittered towards a dwarven teenager leaning against a rusted mountain bike, fingers flying on his laptop computer. Velcroed to the lid was a digital radio that likely also served as a packet modem.
He had a mop of messy red hair and had his head down. I sensed his aura now, quite brilliant compared to others in Prosperity. Being a dwarven male might've put him at a magical disadvantage statistically, but he was clearly an exception.
Mistymage, for that was who he clearly was, had a deft hand on his senses but didn't precharge. Not a combatant then. It was slightly amusing how the people standing around him hit their shields immediately - and much weaker mages at that.
Finally I realized that there were hands resting on weapons, and the magical tension in the air was brewing. Somehow I'd been oblivious to that.
An older dwarf approached Mistymage, slamming his laptop shut and escorting him away. The bicycle collapsed to the ground with a harsh clang.
My shield flared out and I grabbed the SAR as hostile senses touched my mind. As I pondered the situation a golf cart rolled up to the bar - the Watch.
"What's going on here!" Paul shouted.
"There's that crazy elf again!" a dwarven woman responded. She pointed clearly in my direction while everyone in the outdoor drinking area gave me a wide berth.
I knew I wasn't particularly in danger, but this was a shitshow. Plus, people did stupid things when spells were prepped and guns were out.
"And what's wrong with her?" Paul replied calmly. "Aside from brandishing I suppose, which many of you are also doing. Everyone, on the authority of the Watch, lower your weapons and burn off your spells."
By now, Mistymage had been ushered behind a low shack covered in steel sheet. Paul might've been to able defuse the situation on his own - had Sian not chosen this moment to pop in.
Yeah, that was an understatement. She must've jumped straight from the office, her translucent form landing in the middle of one of those circular tables. Without missing a beat she jerked herself into an empty space before fully solidifying.
Alana followed close behind, invisible but present. You could definitely feel her magic rolling out of the ether. The air rippled near her as a portal appeared in front of the Bar, the opening lit like a kaleidoscope.
Barlow popped out, with Morgan at his heels. Things finally settled down after that - more or less.
"I vouch for her!" the Mayor had ended up shouting. He then walked into the crowd, speaking softly to some of the most antagonized folk. Charismatic politician and all that.
Surprisingly, someone actually got up and tried to insist that their dear Mayor was possessed. Luckily not a soul believed him, and within a couple minutes most had dispersed. Their daily entertainment had ended.
"Apologies for that," Mayor Barlow told me. "They're a rather protective lot, and we've gotten some rather close calls in the past."
I simply nodded without thought as he escorted me into the bar proper. The usual ambiance had returned already, with the clatter of glasses and the occassional curse. I muttered an apology as I squeezed past the waitress whom I'd waved off outside. She was staring at me wide-eyed.
We entered a private room with paneled walls and a large round table in the center. Bare lightbulbs with metal grilles hung from the ceiling on their cords. Food and drink were being brought in from the back, and I saw that Iris, Gil, and Alana were already seated.
Once we were all inside, the door was bolted and I sensed the Watch take up positions outside the room.
"Good stuff," Gil said. I watched as he took another bite from the fried chicken wings on his plate. Iris had some sort of vegetable salad, and the others were beginning to dive in as well.
I mean, magic is exhausting.
"What does Misty have with me anyways?" I finally asked. "Don't tell me he knows of all the crazy things I've done."
"Misty, huh?" Iris said with a laugh. Quincy hates it when people call him that, says it's a girl's name and all. Of course, that makes everyone use it even more."
"He most definitely deserves the name," Morgan cut in. "Now he's a strong mage, especially for a dwarf. No offense. But his casting is inefficient, and he actually burns off his body's moisture when he does so. He uses reverse entropy to compensate, and you get mist."
"Likes using his hands, too," Iris added. "The stuff literally steams off his fingers."
"So do you," Gil snorted at her. She gave him a playful smack.
"And how much efficiency does he get with that?" Alana queried. "Inside-out shielding would be easier and allow for a gradual reinfusion of the lost moisture. Of course, he should work on correcting his casting rather than shitposting all day."
"Hey, I'm not the one who measures herself daily," Sian responded. Gil and Iris snickered.
"Fuck you. Well you probably know the story of how I'd used to hum like a bloody refrigerator when my magic peaked. Around point-four percent loss and I spent months getting rid of it."
"Point-four? Unbelievable that you're whining when most of the people here have a general efficiency below thirty."
There were ways to formally test that, often with a standardized basket of spells performed while hooked up to a rig. While you could game the system, most people did worse than the mentioned thirty. It's just that their excess ends up in the ether rather than the air.
"I imagine the humming from point-four of that would be deafening," I remarked.
Alana smiled at me. "Correct."
"God, stop with the flex," Gil chuckled. "Quincy likes the mist, and he added the 'mage' to his handle to avoid the Pokémon jokes. He probably regrets the name but it stuck - and that kid's now known all over as the loudmouth of the Backwater."
"Great with a computer too," Barlow added. "He contributes a lot to our community ISP project, but I feel his talent is wasted there. Ideally he should be going to a proper school."
"Not a chance for that as an invalid," Gil growled. "We're basically Reservists as far as the law is concerned."
Iris beckoned me close during a lull in the conversation, whispering in my ear.
"Quincy has a thing with elves," she said. "Used to like them, tried to go out with one, got mocked and dumped. So now he doesn't like elves much, but he also thinks they're hot."
"He'd not a bad kid, but he's impulsive." With that she turned back to the conversation.
I watched them bicker like the old friends they were not. Honestly I felt left out, and while I interjected from time to time their attention was on one another. Not talking much about me, but rather about politics and pop culture. I focused more on my sandwich and let my tired ears fade as I focused on the woodwork.
The tooling was nice, with the pleasant imperfections of handcrafted work. Two dead mice lay at our feet, one courtesy of Morgan's mind and the other from Sian's boot. I was shocked by how fast she managed to bloodlessly turn the pest into a flat blob of fur.
Okay fine, it was a magical stomp. Still impressive and sickening at the same time.
"Erica? Hello!" This was Iris, whistling in my face with a little gust of wind.
"Yes?" I answered groggily. The blood was rushing back into my cheeks, and it looks like they were talking about me again.
"Would you like to stay here with us in Properity?" Barlow asked. Immediately I felt my mind reel, eventually hardening into a temporary equilibrium. My feelings became coherent once more.
"I thought I was past this now," I muttered. "Able to live my own life just for once."
"Good luck lasting more than a month," Morgan said harshly.
Barlow chuckled. "I mean we'll give you room and board, not lock you up in maximum security. Sian here told me all about Burns and a jail is what I'd call it - one which lets you carry firearms."
"We'll train you as well," Sian added. "Mostly me, as Al will be heading home soon."
"You'll be working for us too, of course," the Mayor added. "Paid. We're quite desperate for good mages."
This was turning into Burns again, but not quite. Trying to enthrall me in, making me think I'll do something fulfilling. Carr had said the same when I'd helped him with the sims, ditto for Ernest when I did the laundry. In the end, it was always for something, and that wasn't necessarily in my benefit.
At the same time, I couldn't deny that I was happy here to some degree. Gil and Iris were already more fun than those Burns lackeys combined. Besides, this place seemed to want to draw me in.
"So what's the catch?" I asked. "And hell, don't sugarcoat it."
"I let your parents die, Erica," she whispered into my mind. "My people wanted to kill you in case you became a danger, but I pushed against that and offered to watch you instead. Unlike what you might think I do have a conscience."
"So it's guilt keeping you here," I responded telepathically.
"The truth is that you can't go running around out there forever," Sian replied out loud. "Every moment you spend away from trust and friendship is an opportunity for your mind to slip further and further away. We saw you lose yourself too many times already."
I was about to snap at her and tell her to cut the bullshit, but I felt her pulse on my mind silencing me.
"This is what'll happen if you fall, Erica," she said wearily. Alana put a hand on her shoulder, and Sian responded by tapping her finger on my forehead. My vision blurred as I felt myself enter her memories once more.
This won't be like Burns - I promise. I actually never liked that section much, it was rushed and the characters were quite one-dimensional. Likely that was how Erica found the place as well.
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2022.01.28 00:01 LukeJazzWalker Here's a composition of mine I made a recording of today. The sun magically matches shape of the piece, thought it was cool.

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2022.01.28 00:01 SeifWaterpolo99 Thanks

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2022.01.28 00:01 Physical_Dimension90 Got a grill for Christmas. Trying to learn. Attempted seared med rare sirloin. Thighs came out good except for the skin. Not crispy enough.

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2022.01.28 00:01 Mountainsize Twisting through a German graveyard.. one of the biggest in Germany. Former Leprosy colony in the 1600's.

Twisting through a German graveyard.. one of the biggest in Germany. Former Leprosy colony in the 1600's. submitted by Mountainsize to DeepIntoYouTube [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 00:01 FederalBedroom4537 Boa noite a todos curtindo essa chuvinha

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2022.01.28 00:01 thelindamanor Busy morning making rounds

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2022.01.28 00:01 BlueChairss So is Paladin suitable for Solo-Play, it not being a DPS class?

And would it be possible to not play support but DPS? Similar to WoW where Paladin can be an actual powerhouse.
Im not gonna lie I love the class design and I absolutely love the Platinum Skin, it looks SO much better than any other skin. I still won’t play the class tho if it sucks for solo play and cant be a dps powerhouse
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2022.01.28 00:01 afgelo 2022 Mixed Doubles Olympic Curling Preview

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2022.01.28 00:01 eric_bousquet Longueuil police officers come to aid of senior citizen as she’s evicted from home - Montreal | Globalnews.ca

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2022.01.28 00:01 FauxRex Vampyre Tasks from Mazchnal?

How rare are these? I am going on 45 tasks from Machnal speeding through so I can get a boost from Slayer Helm for Sins of the Father, and still no vampyre task. I'm doing every 10th with Konar and obviously none from her either(I have the Actual Vampyre Slayer unlocked, too). I think maybe I'm just better off trying to get better at the Vanstrom fight.
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2022.01.28 00:01 _Thoughtleader (Audible dog sigh of boredom)

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2022.01.28 00:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: offeiriad

offeiriad translates to priest
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2022.01.28 00:01 CronoDroid fromis_9 - Jiheon: “It’s the start of my twenties, so I want to do it right” (fromis_9 Midnight Guest Comeback Interview) @ Weverse Magazine (220128)

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2022.01.28 00:01 ninja_coach_tj Check out the kids being ninjas

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2022.01.28 00:01 introsort [Hiring] Icertis - Senior Software Engineer - Platform Engineering (SDET) - Remote (Icertis)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Icertis - Senior Software Engineer - Platform Engineering (SDET) - Remote
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2022.01.28 00:01 autotldr 'I'm screwed': What a quadruple murder suspect told undercover agents in jail

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)

An undercover agent gave testimony Thursday about what an accused quadruple murderer Jose Larin Garcia told him while he was posing as an inmate in jail.
In what is called a "Perkins operation," two law enforcement officers disguised themselves as inmates in a jail cell to try to get the truth from the suspected criminal at the Banning jail the day after Larin Garcia allegedly killed four people in Palm Springs in February 2019.
Larin Garcia revealed some key information during the 4-hour undercover operation, but stopped short of confessing.
Good morning, it's expected to be a big day in the trial for Jose Larin Garcia, accused quadruple murderer.
When police advised Larin Garcia in the cell he was being charged with 3 homicides, the agent said, "He took it in stride. He wasn't upset about it, he wasn't concerned about it, almost a defeatist attitude." The agent said Larin Garcia didn't mention being falsely accused, as the defense claims, until later.
The agent said Larin Garcia used the Spanish word "Fregada," which he said translates to an expletive meaning screwed.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Garcia#1 Larin#2 agent#3 police#4 victim#5
Post found in /news.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2022.01.28 00:01 brandonscript Pits in Bowties packaging design by Syakuro

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2022.01.28 00:01 shuvammax $OCTA - OCTANS is fueled up and ready to launch ☄︎ |⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Major Gaming Company backing ☘︎| Doxxed Team | Certik audited | NFT + GameFi

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